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Bridal Ensemble,
circa 1760's >

This Robe a la Française gown is made in pale mint-green and ivory striped silk brocaded in gold silk floss, with a solid-color taupe silk stomacher and matching petticoat. Delicate English net, edged in scalloped Alençon lace forms the double layered sleeve ruffles and petticoat flounce. Decorative bows in self-fabric highlight the stomacher and inside sleeves above the falling ruffles. The gown features a sumptuous train falling from the shoulders; this can be "polonaised" up for dancing or ease of movement (3rd image from left) by interior tapes. The gown itself fastens by lacing over the stomacher. This style is shown over side-hoops (panniers) and was made to a modern figure - does not require a corset

Bridal Ensemble,
< circa 1760's

Robe a la Française Gown of imported Belgian brocade, in shades of grey, brocaded in bright and antique gold threads; seperate petticoat with lace hem ruffle.

This ensemble is rich and sophisticated, the heavy fabric moving with a stately grace. Undulating decoration of gold and cream lace, gold thread and matte gold sequins form a crossover "S" design on the front and square neckline of the gown.

The separate stomacher is a masterpiece in itself, encrusted with six different trims of bright and antique gold lace and sequins.A medium length train can be polonaised up after the ceremony.

Bridal Ensemble,
< circa 1780's

Robe a l'Anglaise Gown in ivory silk dupioni, with antique lace; seperate petticoat with double hem ruffles; center view shows train polonaised with interior ties. Bodice fastens in the center front with hooks and eyes;
Design addapted from wedding dress in the motion picture "The Scarlet Pimpernel "

< Colonial Bride, 18th century

For ladies who have no specific time preferences, the general style of 18th century gowns is both appealing and attractive.

This outfit consisting of petticoat and gown is made in glistening white silk, and trimmed with both the silk fabric and - a preference of the bride's - an touch of pink ribbons and rosettes. Lace accents the petticoat and falls in cascades at the elbows.

For that always-important back view as the bride comes down the aisle, a four-foot train falls from shoulder pleats in this Robe a la Francaise style gown.After the ceremony, it can be bustled up with hidden ties, for dancing the evening away with one's spouse and guests.

French Empire Bride,
circa 1810

With all the splendor of the Napoleonic era, this three-piece ensemble re-creates the most formal presentation outfit worn by the ladies of the French Court.

A heavy satin floor length underdress, encrusted with pearl rosettes forms the basis for this magnificent outfit.
Over this is worn the Court Robe of heavy silver-on-white brocade,training behind five feet in length, edged and trimmed with 4 different styles of specially matched gold metallic trim.

A wired, stand-up collar of pearled and sequinned French lace is fitted into the deep neckline of the ensemble.


Custom Bridal Wear

At Williamsburg Rose, you will find the most elegant styles for gowns and accessories for Historic Bridal attire for a truly unique Wedding. Please call for design consultations or to discuss fabric options.
Our Ladies' Bridal Wear is custom-made for you on your Special day.

We can work with you to create a stunning One-of-Kind Gown in a variety of ways.

Personal Orders:
If you live in the Philadelphia area, arrangements can be made for a personal visit and design, consultation and shopping to choose fabric and trim for your gown. After an initial design consultation, estimates will be given for labor, and another session is arranged to shop for materials in a variety of price ranges.
Williamsburg Rose is located in the western suburbs, not far from historic Valley Forge.
Personal orders also may arrange for authentically-styled construction details, and Corsetry, which require live fittings, and are not offered by mail.

Mail Orders:
If a personal consultation is not possible, we can work with ladies to design suitable styles from examples you prefer, or suggest styles based on the bride's taste; fabrics would be suggested on the basis of availability and price range.
Mail order gowns are adapted slightly for the modern figure, and are made to be worn with modern underpinnings. Remember to allow at least 6 months lead time for design and consultation, and a sample-fitted muslin for you to check fit and return.

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