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Our collection of Ladies' Accessories includes a variety of attractive additions to a lady's wardobe, to add variety, style, and practicality to Camp clothing, Daytime wear, or Formal attire. Items are available in the fabricsand colors as stated in individual descriptions.
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Ladies' Pocket Panniers

Also called side hoops, were worn beneath the lady's gown and petticoat to give a wide, billowing effect to 18th century formal and semi-formal clothing.
Panniers are set on an adustable waist-tie, and may be permanantly sewn or pinned after adjustment by the wearer. We recommend that the knot be offset either to right or left so that no unsightly "bulge" will show in the center front when the dress is put on.
(Note: Pannier hooping is not washable. To remove it for washing, carefully take out the stitching at the ends of the hoop casing and pull out the hooping.)
Price: $60.00

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Shown with
Lady's Plain Petticoat and Fichu

Caraco Jacket . . . Original, English c.1775-80
The caraco was a popular form of "undress" or informal clothing in England and America. Reflecting the styles of the day, it was unfussy, with clean lines, yet semi-fited and feminine.It would be worn over a long Petticoat, and often have a fichu to filling the neckline
This style is knee-length, with a center-front lacing. the jacket skirt has pleats on both sides and back. Sleeves are 3/4 length, and have a white lingerie ruffle Neckline and cuffs are trimmed with pleated ruching.

Price: $195.00
Please state solid color or Colonial style print
Give 1st, 2nd, 3rd color choices

Knee-length jacket (Pet-en-l'air)
A jacket-lengh version of the popular Robe a la Francaise style. Fitted front and sides with separate, center front stomacher and laced front closing. Laced back lining piece for maximum sizing adjustability.
Price: $250.00

Solid color or floral fabric.

Lady's Plain Petticoat:

Price: from $75.00
round or pannier cut; solid colors only;
plain cotton

Please contact for other fabric and pricing options

Plain Fichu

For everyday use, this was a humble but practical item. This is a 36" square of doubled cotton material which can be folded to form a triangular neck-kerchief. Use this to fill in a low neckline for modesty or to keep off a chill outdoors.

Price: $12.50

18th Century Ladies Mitts

Adapted from mitts in various historic styles, this elegant and comfortable fashion accessory was found in the wardrobe of every stylish lady. Whether worn for warmth in winter months or to shade delicate skin from the summer sun, mitts were a popular and colorful addition to a woman's wardrobe.

Our Mitts are semi-fitted, made in a fashion fabric, and lined as described below, with a shaped thumb piece hand sewn on with decorative stitches. The pointed foldback features contrasting color, machine embroidered decoration. Mitts are approx 13-14" from tip to arm edge.

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. . Be sure to measure sizing carefully! Mitts are not returnable.

Williamsburg Rose Ladies Caps and Headdresses

Laced Coif - - - - - -- - - - - - Williamsburg Cap - - - - - - -- - - - Oval Pinner- - - - - - - -- - -- - Cotton Calash - - - - - - - - -- -Silk Calash - - - --"Chocolate Girl" Silk Cap

Laced Coif

This has a smooth fitted front band, edged with lace, and an adjustable, gathered back.
A small comb in the center front keeps the cap secure.Fully washable.
Made in white cotton

Price: $28.00
Williamsburg Cap

The original of our design, in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg,is done in fine Brussels lace.
This formal style headdress is of ruffled and flowing lace for all those ladies who wish to truly be the most fashionable! Small combs keep the cap firmly on . . .White only.

Price: $32.50
Oval Pinner

Used for both formal and informal dress, the Pinner was a small, flat cap perched (in fact, pinned with hairpins) to the top of a lady's hairstyle to complete "the look". The Pinner is done in cotton or lace, with lace eding, and long lace lappets down the back. Small combs keep the cap fiimly on milady's hair.
White only.
Price: $32.50
Ladies Cotton Calash

Adapted from an original green silk Calash at Stenton Mansion in Philadelphia, this version is made in cotton fabric and willow canes (as were in 18th century ones) to hold the shape,The Calash has a shoulder-capelet, and ties in a bow in front.
Like the originals, this Calash can fold flat, or be expanded for wear or display.

Please state color choice.

Price: $200.00

Ladies Silk Calash

Museum-quality, entirely hand-sewn with both historically accurate materials and construction techniques.The pattern has been copied from an authentic 18th century Calash in the collection of Pottsgrove Manor, in Pottstown PA. . . . . .
Like the 18th century originals, the Calash uses wicker ribs and is approx. 15" wide x 13" high, and 15" front to back, lined inside with silk, interlined with linen, and decorated with a silk bow in the back, witha 4-1/2" rolled-edge shoulder cape. Silk ribbons tie at the front, and aother holds the front cane pulled forward for modesty.

Price: $300.00
"Chocolate Girl" Silk Cap
Who said 18th century caps had to be white? This stylish headdress is adapted from the1745 depiction of La Belle Chocolatiere by Jean-Etienne Liotard.
Depicting either a stylishly dressed servant or a middle class young woman fetching a cup of hot chocolate on a small tray, she wears a charming white-banded, lace-decorated cap with a gathered pink silk caul.
Price: $45.00

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