An Elegant Era -
19th Century Romance

"They glide over the floor together as if two were one...the waltz becomes one long, sweet, and purely sensual pleasure"

Expanding on earlier forms, 19th century dance instructors introduced the new 'polka' and 'galop' steps into the complex and social quadrilles and lively cotillions already familiar to dancers.

But by far the most popular craze was the Waltz, a scandalous new dance which brought the lady right into the arms of her partner and sent them both whirling about the floor.


Recreating ballroom scenes evocative of the Fezziwig's "Christmas Carol" festivities, Tapestry's dancers present favorite ballroom dances from Victorian England and America's Civil War era.

Tapestry's formally-dressed, indoor programs spotlight the popular formal couple dances of the ballroom, including the waltz, polka, schottische and galop.

Outdoor performances feature lively group social dances of the mid-19th century, such as the Lancers' Quadrille and the Rustic Reel, researched from the dance manuals and 'ball-room prompter' instruction manuals of the 1840-1860 period.


Renaissance Dance

18th Century Ballroom Dance

Regency Dance

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The Americus Ball, Allentown, PA

Lively and colorful 19th century Balls and informal dances, held throughout the year, provide Tapestry dancers and guests a chance to enjoy authentically researched dances popular over 100 years ago. From elegant ballrooms to informal re-enactor Barn dances, the members of the troupe provide historic ambiance and enjoyment for both new and experienced dancers.

Referencing dance manuals published in Philadelphia, New York and Boston, favorite dances of the mid-Victorian and Civil War eras once again are brought to life during numerous events organized by the Tapestry troupe.

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Annual Harvest Social in the Fall, held in the suburban Philadelphia area.
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