Some comments on performances and activities from those who have enjoyed our programs

I attended the "Ballroom Dancing" seminar on Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs.Symborski gave a very thorough and enjoyable presentation on the development of ballroom dancing from the early 1800s to the mid-nineteenth century.

Through the utilization of overheads and many wonderful quotes and anecdotes of the period, a basic knowledge of ballroom dances, etiquette, and dress were reviewed. [Tapestry's dancers] demostrated several steps and hand holds, which I found to be helpful and informative.

The Civilian activities, went as planned -Saturday morning's presentation on 'Ballroom Basics' by John and Lynn Symborski was superb. The manikins they set up as a part of the 19th Century Fashion show were beautifully done.
I cannot express my thanks and gratitude for a wonderful, wonderful job on the seminar and the fashion show - many people were impressed. The manikens were so wonderfully done and the fashion show was first class. "First Class" was a comment I received from some people who observed it. The manikens were an excellent idea/touch and you must be commended for your excellent planning on the event. If you are interested, we would like for you to again do the fashion shows next year and also call the dance.
Incidentally, the folks who coordinated that dancing seminar are John & Lynn Symborski, a very accomplished couple. What did you think of that dress she had on? Even this fashion lummox couldn't help but admire it!
After the morning seminar (we saw) the Fashion Show at the Pavillion . There were several lovely outfits on display on mannequins in addition to the live models. Attire for women, men, and children were represented.

Though I could only glimpse at the fashion show as I hiked hurriedly by, later on I saw and photographed a lot of both public and spectators admiring the costumed mannequins.
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