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A Lively Conceit -
Regency Recreations
"...To be fond of dancing is a certain step towards
falling in Love... "- Jane Austen

The late Eighteenth century brought great changes in both Europe and American society.

The upheavals of both the American and French Revolutions had shaken the well-ordered social strata; and the decline of "aristocratic" ideas entered the forum of social dance as well. Public balls and "Dance Assemblies" became more popular than ever, especially in America -"all ranks here being equal" - at least on the dance floor

left; Tapestry at Sweetbriar Mansion,
Fairmount Park, Philadelphia


Country dancing was a favorite evening diversion for the young as well as the more mature ladies and gentlemen of the genteel classes, and a pastine frequently mentioned by the well-known authoress, Jane Austen, whose heroines and suitors often encountered each other at public or private dances.

Bringing to life the ballroom scenes from Pride and Predjudice with fashionable dances such as "La Boulanger" (a favorite of Jane Austen's) or charming country dances with names such as "Teasing Made Easy", the dancers of Tapestry bring to life an"Austen Assembly" of the early 1800's.

A formal Jane Austen perfomance in Winterthur Museum





Tapestry Dancers at Haverford Heritage Day

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