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The Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble
invites you to experience
Living History Through Dance

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Do you enjoy the pastimes of Past Eras?

Be the Belle (or Beau) of the next Ball as you whirl on the dance floor in a lively country dance, spirited polka or romantic waltz!

Learn authentic dances from Past Times with the Tapestry Historic Dancers. Enjoy the charm and conviviliality of social dancing from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries; Colonial court and country dances, Regency cotillions, reels, and longway sets, and Civil War era waltzes, polkas, schottiches, mazurkas, and quadrilles.

. . . . . . The Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble holds classes for historic dance instruction, ongoing throughout the year in Royersford, PA (west of Philadelphia,between Valley Forge and Pottstown).
. . . . . . Class is held on a weekly basis to provide dance instructions both for fun, and keeping in mind that Tapestry is a popular performance troupe. Since the troupe is frequently engaged by historic sites, and for public and private performances and special events, the colorful and authentically-garbed ladies and gentlemen of Tapestry have the opportunity to display their dancing skills for both public and private performances. Dancers who wish to participate in Tapestry's programs are required to meet a number of criteria, such as proper historic clothing, and a knowledge of social mannerisms and deportment appropriate to the era, in addition to learning the dances chosen for the program being portrayed.

. . . . . . Besides the enjoyment of learning new - and frequently challenging - dances from earlier times, and getting a chance to display them to others, Tapestry's dance classes are an ongoing social gathering for anyone interested in historic dance and related activities. If you've never been to an Eighteenth century ball, or you want to participate in a special workshop in Victorian dance, chances are you'll be able to exchange information as these type of events come up throughout the year, as well as hearing about other historically-related activities.

. . . . . . Tapestry invites anyone with an interest in music, costume, dance or history to visit a weekly practice session. You do not need to be an experienced dancer, though any previous dancing - folk or ethnic - will be an advantage. Both partnered and solo dancers are welcome. Dances from all periods in the repertoire include beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

For information, contact:

Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble

e-mail: [email protected]


Engagements may be chosen from programs of dances from any single era in the troupe's repertoire. Manners, modes and fashions of the day are shown in formal and informal dance suites, interspersed with narrative passages on the specific dances, social customs, and quotations on lifestyles from contemporary sources. Both outdoor/informal and indoor/ballroom programs available for 18th & 19th century programs; indoor/ballroom program only for Regency.

Historic Dance Programs

"Renaissance Revelry"
- Court & Country Dances of the 17th Century

"Come, Let Us be Merry"
- Dances of the 18th Century/ Colonial era

"A Lively Conceit"
- late 18th & early 19th Century /Regency era

" Waltz Interlude"
-19th Century Romantic/Victorian era.

Civil War Ball, Allentown PA


Tapestry's members are experienced in running Historic Dance workshops and organizing Historic- era Balls and Assemblies for small or large events. Programs featuring audience participation, lecture-demonstrations of historic dancing, or "fashions of the ballroom" presentations may also be arranged in conjuction with performances.

Historic Ball- Create an Historic Event, tailored to your individual site or theme. Tapestry's dancers lead an evening of period dance for your enjoyment. Encourage guests to come in costume, and participate in an evening of easily-taught authentic dances. Also featured during the evening are performances of formal dances, performed by the Tapestry troupe for the guests' pleasure.

Dance workshops- Instructors from Tapestry conduct classes for any period included in the repertoire (Colonial/ Regency/ Victorian) Basic dance terms, steps, period deportment, honors, and beginning/ intermediate/ advanced dance choreographies. Workshops may be a single session, or expanded over an intensive weekend "short course", or be set up as weekly classes over a longer period of time.






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