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Everywhere we look....
nothing is done but the minuet and English
a pleasure to dance, and lovely to look at...

During the 18th Century, Social dance in both Europe and America attained great refinement with the carefully mannered dignity of the Minuet and other formal "danses à deux", elegantly constructed choreographies which employed complex steps and patterns.

In addition to these formal pieces, dancemasters in both England and Colonial America produced volumes of eagerly received (and easily learned) country dances, enjoyed by all classes of society, at balls and village fairs.

Gentry and ordinary folk enjoyed country dances with such playful names as Hunt the Squirrel, the Fandango,The Old Mill and Money in Both Pockets.

Tapestry's programs feature popular dances of the Colonial era, including a number of dances composed by local dancemasters, or with titles and references to Philadelphia area localities and events.

Eighteenth century dance performances highlight the lyrical and seldom-seen dances of the early and mid-century, in both formal and informal styles.

Programs that feature the dances of the latter part of the century, during Revolutionary War era, exhibit a lively 'independence' in their flirtatious gaity and lively figures.

In addition to their dance performances, the Tapestry members also frequently present narrated Fashion Promenades, showcasing the elegant and unique clothing, manners and accessories of past eras featured in their formal and informal types of dance programs.


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