The Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble
is dedicated to the research, re-construction and performance of historic social dance.
The group's repertoire encompasses historical eras from the late 15th through the mid-19th centuries, ranging from the elegant dance forms of the European Courts to the social dances of but a few generations past in America.

Court dances, country dances and ballroom dances, researched from period sources, are showcased in diverse and entertaining programs presented in colorful and authentically styled historic costume.

Few activities bring Social History more fully to life than dances from past eras; they capture the mood of an earlier age, its music, its fashions, and manners. In recent years, a growing public appreciation of our cultural heritage has awakened interest in recreating the dances of days gone by. This revival incorporates both serious scholarship and research, and the preservation, through performance and participation, of social dances from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries.

The Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble is available for performances, workshops, and programs of various lengths, themes, and historic eras. Each program is individually created for the presentation site, event or theme, and includes narration about the dances, social customs, and fashions of the historic era represented.





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