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Williamsburg Rose has supplied a variety of lovely and unique 18th century fashions for many clients.

Enjoy the styles and fashions pictured below - perhaps you'll see an inspiration tohave us create an ensemble for your own special event!


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Formal Ball Gown of colonial blue silk, accented with silver & white lace. Custom-ordered silver embroidered 18th century stomacher

Detail of stomacher - silver bullion, various silver threads, sequins, beads

1750's Riding Habit
Wool cloth, velvet facings,
worn with a lace jabot and cuffs,
and a jaunty tricorn.

Riding habit back view


A lovely spring outfit -
Pink embroifered linen Pet-en-lair with a sack-back and ribbon-laced front bodice


Detail of the linen pet-en-l'air;

showing lacings over a matching stomacher,white lace-edged neckline, folded robings at each side, and gathered falling cuffs, fashionable from the 1750's through 1770's

back view of Brunswick jacket -
sack-back pleats and hood

1750's Brunswick Ensemble
Pearl-grey silk taffeta, self-trimmed with petite lace edging, satin bows and pewter buttons

A statley Ball Gown in the formal Robe a la Francaise style, made in lilac moire and trimme with simple white lace.

Family group - lady's winter day ensemble- gold wool pet-en-l'air and quilted satin petticoat; older child in silk dress with leading strings; toddler in linen gown. Both children ear puding caps, lady hold a child's cloak.

Bridal ensemble - formal Robe a la Francaise gown made in ivory silk taffeta trimmed with burgumdy silk ruching, and a variety of ivory lace

Formal Robe a la Francaise gown of metallic brocade accented with gold lace trim and handmade metallic floss flowers

Details on blue brocade jacket; cuffs, stomacher with ribbon trimming, chatelaine

Dressed for a summer outing- Lady in a silver and blue brocaded pet-en-l'air jacket, wearing a hooded lace mantle, carrying an olive green silk calash; toddler in cotton print gown with leading strings, straw flat hat

A classical Robe a l'Anglaise from the 1760's, made in red and gold brocade, with fly fringe trimming.



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