John and Lynn Symborski

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Williamsburg Rose

John is a former Industrial Engineer and currently turns his detail-oriented expertise to the profession of pharmacy technician. In his "spare time" John is an historic gunsmith, woodworker and orchid - grower . John not only makes reproduction firearms, he shoots in live fire competition, and has won ribbons and medals for accuracy.

Also an avid astronomer, he is always adding improvements to one of his many large (up to 7 feet long) telescopes to survey the stars, and has won awards in east-coast competitions for his telescope construction methods. His many historically-oriented woodworking projects can be found throughout their home, and include a bentside spinet harpsichord he often plays for special events at nearby historic sites.

Lynn is a graphic artist by profession, and interested in history, costume and dance. She and John are founders and directors of the Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble, a dance troupe which performs Colonial , Regency and Victorian programs at historic sites and special events in the greater Philadelphia region.

A professional quality historic seamstress, she runs her business Williamsburg Rose, from home, and appearing at historic craft shows and events. She makes clothing for re-enactors, bridal fashions, historic sites and museums, and has given numerous lecture-demonstrations on Colonial and Victorian ladies fashions.

Lynn is currently Educational Director at Pottsgrove Manor historic site in Pottstown, PA .When not involved in activities of Olden times, John and Lynn tend to a family of pet parrots, many of whom, they've had for over 30 years! These include Lorenza, a Double-headed Amazon parrot; Buffy, a sulpher-crested cockatoo; Pippin, a Goffin cockatoo; and the 'baby' of the family, Larla, a salmon-crested cockatoo. Some of them talk (especially when they want tasty tidbits).

The Tapestry Dancers


Ridgeland Mansion

in Fairmount Park, PA

John and Lynn are in demand to display and demonstrate 18th century crafts
at many different museum and historical heritage events.

Pre-1750 Gunsmithing

at the

Mercer Museum Folkfest

John sets up an authentically styled early colonial Gunsmiths' workbench, complete with different types of early firearms and accoutrements, to work on a current project.
And yes, those guns are real!

Colonial Clothing
and Needlework

Lynn as "Williamsburg Rose"

Lynn's side of the tent, at the Charles Carroll House 18th Century Trades Fair, Annapolis MD.
Care to try on a corset?

Some of the historic events they have attended include the Mercer Museum Folkfest in Doylestown, PA., Chadds Ford Days in Chadds Ford, PA, the Chestertown Tea Party in Chestertown, MD, the Charles Carroll House Colonial Craft Fair in Annapolis, MD, and in Virginia, at Mount Vernon's Colonial Craft weekend.