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Williamsburg Rose Historic Ladies Fashions

coutouriere historique, designs and fabricates exquisite fashions for any historical era.
featuring a variety of Formal and Informal styles for the modern 18th Century Woman's re-enacting activities.
Online catalog for gowns, jackets, headwear and accessories.

Historic Bridal Fashions

Photo Gallery of Custom Fashions

the Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble

Explore the world of Historic Dance with the Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble
Tapestry has performed for historic sites in PA and NJ,and many historical special events.

Photo Gallery

Tapestry performances

"From Head to Toe"

Virtual Tour of the 2004 "From Head to Toe"
18th century Costume Exhibit at the historic mansion of Pottsgrove Manor


"Fashion in Exile"

an online tour of historic fashions from the 18th and 19th centuries at the LaPorte Mansion at French Azilum.PA

Shades of White

From 1860-1918,visit the authentic fashions of Brides of Delaware County,PA
in the beautiful Victorian mansion of "The Grange"

Historic Bridal Fashions

Elegance in Wedding Styles
for Today's Brides

Williamsburg Rose Doll Fashions Historic Outfits for 18" dolls.
Real silks, satins, linen, and laces are used to create beautiful and well-made doll clothes that will last for play and display.

Colonial dresses for Girls!
Dress for a visit to Williamsburg or match Felicity's fashions in lavender stripes!

Click here to see

Color-co-ordinated Colonial Wardrobe Gift Theme Baskets

More Historical Links to Explore!

Connie's Colonial Hearth
Many historic sites, including Washington Crossing Historic Park, in PA, at the 18th century mansion of Pottsgrove Manor, in Pottstown, PA have hosted Connie's cooking expertise for public and private events. She also teaches group and personalized classes for hearth cooking and 18th cnetury recipes

Betsy Scott Chapman - Harpist
Betsy offers a wide variety of musical styles for all occasions. She has performed at weddings, funerals, dinners, receptions, and in a variety of church settings. As an Advanced Certified Clinical Musician (ACCM), ahe works in hospitals and hospice settings to provide harp therapy to aid in relaxation and improve the quality of life for patients. As a performer, she works with Village Productions, and with the Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble.
Looking for the perfect place to stay in Colonial Williamsburg?
Newport House - Colonial Williamsburg's most authentic Bed & Breakfast
Guests staying at the Newport House B&B can immerse themselves in the Colonial period. Furnished with English and American antiques and reproductions, we provide luxury and personal service to our guests. With modern amenities such as off-street parking, four-poster canopied beds, it is only a 5-minute walk to the Historic District. Breakfast includes delicious dishes from authentic Colonial recipes with fruit and honey from our garden, and an interesting historical seminar by your hosts

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